Can You Hear Me Now?™

Today’s podcast deals with controversy. Or, rather, contrived controversy. Or, rather, using contrived controversy to become know by the general populace. At least the general populace on the Internet. Listen as Geoff masterfully goes through the complex process of creating a controversy. Are you outraged, yet?

Meaning, and What it Means

This week, a week before we celebrate Thanksgiving in these United States of America, Geoff ponders the meaning of life, the meaning of his life and the meaning of meaning. Contemplating his deep philosophical ponderings might keep you awake at night, but coming to grips with them might ease your burden. Or not. It all depends on what you think it all means.

We Have Met the Enemy

Today, Geoff looks back on the time in his life when he pursued acting as a career and vocation: His years doing what he had learned must be done. We focus on three auditions during this time, one quite early, one kind of in the middle of it all, and one just past his decision to quit acting, and with them, comes to a realization about life.

It Has to be True!

Today, Geoff explores the world of the Internet with an eye toward truth, which is sometimes difficult or impossible to find, and confirms our God given, inalienable right to remain ill-informed.

The Indignities of Flight

In this episode, Geoff recalls a time when he loved flying and compares it with a time he decidedly didn’t enjoy it. After this encounter with a rather unreasonable member of Transportation Security Administration and a tube of toothpaste, everything changed.

The Svitz and How I Ruined It

In this week’s podcast, Geoff recalls a day at the gym several years ago when he attended regularly, that he experienced some unpleasantness while trying to enjoy his after-workout moment in the steam room. It seems some people make odd assumptions.